Ninna's Elphame

This site has partially moved. Please see new addresses below.

Existing members of Elfmaiden's Faerie Circle can still use the ring page here to edit ring info and see the limited amount of ring news that I have.

Elven Treasures has a new temporary home. I'm looking for a better place to put it, but that one will do for now. Not all the graphics are up yet. I'm pretty much giving up on all this Web business.

The one ring I still belong to is up. If you came here on the ring, you can leave from there.

The old Pagan content, what little of it there was, has been permanently removed. Sorry. It's not my belief system anymore, and if I do put anything up again, it would probably be the chemical etymology pages. I'm still a word geek, at least.

Updated 2/25/00