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Buckle Up! The Gran Turismo Driving School
Web Circuit looking good!
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Web Ring Page fixed
Nick Allbright joins
Everyone this is Nick, Nick this is everyone
Wednesday, 16th September 1998 - 12:00 GMT
Gran Turismo Web Circuit Page fixed - Okay it was a long time coming but the page is fixed and it is now even easier to join the Web Circuit if that sort of thing is your bag, baby.  Nick's improved HTML fragment is featured there too.  So if you are currently a member, go and get it!  there is also a link there to the other GT web ring.

What's next ? - Well I suppose I really should start on some of these areas mentioned on the sidebar. 

Monday, 14th September 1998 - 21:00 GMT
Nick Albright joins the team - Not only has Buckle Up! actually been updated but we also have a new number of the team to introduce.  Nick will help run the web ring and continue to maintain his site the Gran Turismo Pit Stop - while also helping out here.

Site Update - In case you haven't noticed the site has been lying fallow for the last few months.  Well thanks to a number of factors (namely Nicks addition to the team, and me installing some proper software on my compter at work) we have corrected all the silly little mistakes that you could have found on this page.  The web ring page will be fixed late tomorrow (hopefully!). So it's good to be back, but i don't think anyone will notice that we are back.

Sunday, 31st May 1998 - 18:00 GMT
Gran Turismo Web Circuit Launches  -  As from today, all Gran Turismo Web Pages are invited to join the Gran Turismo Web Circuit (formerly the Gran Turismo Web Ring).  For futher details, please follow this link, or mail Buckle Up! .

Buckle Up! Needs You  -  As Buckle Up! aims to be the #1 pit stop for all Gran Turismo infomation, we need your input, wether it be tips, hints or car set-ups, or you just have a great idea for a page, or have some comments to make about Gran Turismo, then LET US KNOW!  Contact Exogesis or use our new form.

Thursday, 28th May 1998 - 19:30 GMT
New Gran Turismo Site Opens!  -  Buckle Up! The Gran Turismo Driving School opens it's doors for novice and expert drivers.  Buckle Up! hopes to be your one-stop resource for GT news, 
driving tips and tuning advice. 

Gran Turismo Web Ring Announced  -  Buckle Up! is pleased to announce the creation of the Gran Turismo Web Ring.  Created in association with Webring.Org,  the GT Ring hopes to unite all the Web's Gran Turismo resouces together for easier access.  For more information or to join the webring, please contact Buckle Up!

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