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Mark Osborne's Home Page

Hi there. This page is dedicated to my long term research project.

AIM - Securing the Immortality of Consciousness through Technology.

I am a firm believer in technology that hasn't been invented, and that the Internet is probably going to provide the best way available to me to transfer my consciousness from my flesh to another medium. Sounds crazy, and it probably is.

I also believe that written content on the Web is more important than fancy graphics, so excuse the lack of fancy colours, background images, etc. Also, the way HTML standards are looking like going, keeping things simple will be the only way to stay compatible with every browser.

There are several areas to be investigated in the course of this project - biology, artificial intelligence, psychology, and so on. I will organise and reorganize my work as time goes by.

There will be pages for forums, and discussions between myself and yourself. Any thoughts are welcome.

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