Steven Richard Boarman
Well, it all started back in July 1, 1968. Born to James Louis Boarman and Katherine (Hart) Boarman, the terror began on this world known as Steven Richard Boarman. Actually, life is not that bad. I have not made it easy on myself. I can say that I have gone against most things even after told I was doing it wrong. But by the grace of god I have survived to this day. I want to take time and say that my daughter is and will always be at the top of my thoughts. My daughter was born February 9, 2001 at 9:32pm (21:32), Melissa Elizabeth Boarman.
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Occupations in life.
       Cabinetmaker                       15yrs
       Plumber                                6yrs
       Carpenter                            16yrs
       Electrician                             9yrs
       Radio Electronics                   8yrs
       Mechanical Contractor            5yrs
       Truck Driver                        .5yrs
Started at 8yrs old being the helper for my father in his kitchen and bath remodeling company At 15, I built my first complete kitchen from scratch.
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Contact Info:
Steven Boarman
128 S. Main St.
Windsor, MO 65360