Hi I'm Chello.

Thank you for coming. Before you go, let me ask you one thing: If you could receive about ten dollars for 100 lbs. of used computer paper (one refilled box weighs about avg. 25 to 30 lbs) would it be worth it to you to find a cubby to store it in, until you had enough to throw a pizza party for the office? How about a night of bowling, movies... for the family, or a day at Six Flags?

Money to spend anyway you wish.

Recycling has been a hobby of mine for a very long time. I feel totally guilty throwing away anything that I know is reusable. My office friends would keep two recycling boxes in a central area; one each for computer paper and other kinds of paper. Every evening, I would simply empty their boxes to one box and put it in the storage area. I would call ahead to the cities local paper recycler to find out what was up for the day since prices rise and fall with the market. (There are companies that will come pick up recycables from a place of business and shred right on the spot.) When we had enough stored up for a profitable load, we had pizza, popcorn. doughnuts... or whatever, a special treat for the office.

My interests are:
Throwing away as little as possible, building things from scrap, do-it-yourself household maintenance, arts, crafts, animals and of course the environment...

Everyone knows aluminun cans are profitable yet don't want to store them due to the bulk and smell. I don't have the space for them either, so I save them until I get so much accumulated then donate them to a person in need.

Check your local phonebook for recycling facilities to find what papers and metals you could profit from. Some places will even unload for you!

Why should we be robbing our earth of it's natural resources when we have enough materials available through recycling to last us for years?

guilt trip

Profit or not, in most cities, there is a recycling program where we are able to recycle plastics #1 & 2, glass bottles of all kinds and steel cans. Also it is a good way to get rid of those aluminun cans and newspapers when you don't have the space to store them. I have limited storage space at my home, but I don't let that stop me from recycling.

Trash to get PAID for include:
Everyday garbage:
Computer Paper, Manilla envelopes and file folders, Other papers (including; typewriter, note book, receipts, junk mail...), Cardboard, Newspapers, Computer cards, even telephone books and magazines.
Aluminum, copper, brass, steel...glass & plastics.

Garage sales have been booming in popularity lately. "One man's trash is another man's treasure" couldn't be more true. Personally I can do a lot of things with junk. If you really want to get rid of the stuff, go cheap! It opens up peoples minds to buy more! If I were to come across a sale where prices were too high, I wouldn't be willing to see everything, but on the other hand, if prices were cheap, I would have to see it all!

Flea Markets are a good source for getting rid of useable items you no longer want. Just load up the car and go, twenty dollars or so gives you a covered booth and the people come. It's an enjoyable way to meet people and make money at the same time.

Charities will come to your house and pick up unwanted articles. Furniture, clothing, household items... First charity is to check with your family, don't throw it away.

The last visit I made to the local dump, I was astonished as to what people were throwing away! A double sink marble vanity with plumbing still attached, a hutch, lumber, bricks and too much to ever try to mention! The heavy equipment was covering it up as fast as people were throwing it out to keep you from picking through anything. It is sad...

Merchants will come pick up appliances, A/C & heat units, machinery, vehicles... and pay you to haul them off, working or not. There is a market for almost anything. Car batteries use to bring 5 to 7 bucks, but now I believe only a dollar or two.

Antique stores will buy almost anything old. Books, including :cookbooks, children's... jewerly, dishware, quilts...anything in a collectors category which is an extremely broad range. Antique stores will also usually give free appraisals on items, so maybe is best to see what you have before you sell it!

Bookstores are also in the market for buying used books. (word of advice, check to make sure you aren't selling the first edition).

Note: Please remember as you go, remove paper clips, staples and rubberbands from papers before storing, or you may be refused when selling your resources.

Email me at address below and let me know your favorite recycling habits, or use the comment section in my guestbook.. In the meantime.
Please come back again as I plan to expand.

save our planet

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