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PO Box 530
Kherson, 73034

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You made the right choice. UMTS began in 1993, with the
collapse of the Soviet Union "Perestroika", when the Iron
Curtain finally opened to the world. Since that time, we
have gained substantial experience in satisfying customer
needs. Thus we can render services of good quality.

What do we do for our customers?

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correspondence with ukrainian and russian women
Order e-mail correspondence
Our e-mail and translation service. You can use these
services for correspondence with any person in Ukraine.
women catalogue
View our
catalogue of women.
You can look through our catalogue of women's and men's profiles that
want to marry and create a traditional family. Our services
for women are free of charge, we have only one condition for
them - to follow our rules.

View our
catalogue of men.

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