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Important Gov't and Emergency Info

Vital for Americans in Greece
Useful Information || Greek Military Obligations
Visas and Passports || US State Dept: Passports
Voting while Abroad || Residence Permits || Work Permits
The Self Employed || Employment Information || Customs/Duty on Cars
Getting Married in Greece || Lost or Stolen Property || Legal Help in Greece
Purchasing Property in Greece || American Associations in Greece
English Speaking Schools || American Services (Official)

General Information for Americans in Greece

The American Abroad || Terrorism in Greece
Important Telephone Numbers for Greece || More U.S. Gov't Links
More Greek Gov't Links || General Statistics about Greece
Insurance Available in Greece || Moving To or From Greece
Newspapers in Greece: Greek and English || Medical Help in Greece
Bringing Your Car into Greece || The Internet in Greece || Live Traffic Report for Athens
Weather Conditions: Athens || Weather Conditions: Thessaloniki
Weather Conditions: Patras || Weather Conditions: Larrisa
Tazoo's World (Kefalonia)

Family, Pets and Pleasure in Greece

American Humor || Family, Birth, Adoption, Death, Marriage
English Speaking Schools in Greece || Worship in English: Religion in Greece
Clean Fun in Greece || Fun with Children in Greece || Shopping Sources
Animals, Animal Societies in Greece || Needlepoint in Cyprus

Business and Finance in Greece

Looking for a Job while in Greece? || Banks in Greece
Athens Stock Exchange (Greek Stocks)
The Universal Currency Converter || The Athens Stock Exhange (ASE)

Business Culture in Greece

Tradeport: Greece || Greece - Business Customs, Protocol and Etiquette
Epicurious Travel: Business Do's and Taboos in Greece

Search Engines for Greece

Search for Anything Concerning Orthodoxy
Legal Search for Greece || Thea
Search the Greek Phone Books (English)

Major Sports in Greece

Olympics 2004 || Ice Hockey in Greece || The Ancient Games Virtual Museum
World Basket '98 || Greek League Soccar || Body Building in Greece
Charter a Sailboat/Yacht in Greece || Sailing Clubs in Greece
Snow Report for Greece || Ski Centers in Greece
Family Sports in Greece || Mountain Climbing in Greece

Various Links
Send a postcard from Greece

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