Arlan's Hommie - No woman no cry, no games ---SCREAMM!!!

[Arlan's Hommie]

Hi! My name is Damar Arlandi Landjono

I like games...*NO!* I Love Games! *Mmmmhhhh!*

  • Here's a list of my favourite hommie

    Happy Puppy

    Walnut Creek's page

    Computer Gaming World

    Ziff Davis

    Star Trek page list

  • Wanna know more about my country ?

    Here is the hot list :


    Jakarta, the capital city

    Bali, the island of Gods

    Indonesia Embassy on Ottawa, Canada

    Picture of me.. rlan.GIF

    You are now looking at my primitive home page. I will update this hommie regularly

    Nice to meet you!

    Thanks to the staff of

    Beverly Hills, Athens neighborhood

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